The annual Interclub Challenge will be run as part of the Forest 5 Charity Trail Run with a trophy awarded to the winning club team. Points will be calculated based upon the following four groups:

  • Top 3 senior men;
  • Top 3 senior women;
  • Top 2 veteran (50+) men;
  • Top 2 veteran (50+) women.

If a veteran man or woman are in the top 3 of their respective senior group, they will be only counted within the senior group and removed from the veteran group for the calculation.

The finish positions within each group will be added together (N.B. the first in each of the groups = 1, etc.), then the group scores will be added together, and the team with the lowest score will win.

To be considered for the Interclub challenge runners must be paid up members of their clubs and wear their respective club vests. The club team must also have the minimum of the requisite number of people entered.